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University College London (UCL) is a university institution and constituent college of the University of London based primarily in London, England, United Kingdom. It was founded in 1826, as London University, and was the first university institution to be founded in London, the first British university to be established on an entirely secular basis, and the first British university to admit students regardless of their religion and gender.

In 1836, London University, together with the recently established King's College London, formed an association under a new Royal Charter to establish the University of London, and at this point UCL acquired its present name.

Although UCL voluntarily remains a constituent college of the University of London, it is in many ways comparable with free-standing, self-governing and independently funded universities, awarding its own degrees. Today, with over 8,000 staff and 22,000 students, UCL is larger than most other universities in the United Kingdom.

UCL is a member of the elite Russell Group of Universities, a part of the 'G5' sub-group of super-elite UK universities, and a part of the Golden Triangle.

In 2008, UCL had an annual turnover of £635 million and fixed assets worth 581£ million.The current Provost and President of UCL is Professor Malcolm Grant.

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