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Basant mela

Basant-Kite Flying Festival

Basant festival in pakistan 2013

2014 basant festival in lahore pakistan

Basant-kite Flying Festival
Basant festival 2014

In the pre-partitioned Punjab, especially Lahore--celebrated the basant mela Panchami by flying kites. Muslims of Punjab also celebrated the Basant although it was considered as a local (Hindu or folk) festival. The younger Muslim folk did participate in kite flying as an event. At the time of partition in 1947, population of Lahore city was almost equally divided between Muslims (52%) and Hindus/Sikh (48%). By the end of September 1947, almost all the Hindus had left West Punjab/Lahore for India, but their tradition of Basant remained; and even today Lahore take pride in basant mela and fly kites from their rooftops with the same enthusiasm.

Being the historic capital of Punjab there is no other place where basant mela is celebrated with as much vigour and enthusiasm as the ancient city of Lahore. Although traditionally it was a festivel confined to the old-walled city it has spread all through out the city

With the advent of spring, skies of Lahore are resplendent with all types and sizes of kites. The Lahorites participate in kite flying competitions to herald the spring. basant mela is not only a kite flying event, but a cultural festival of traditional food, dresses, dances and music.

Tour Itinerary basant in lahore 2011

Day 1 Activities of basant mela
» Visitors will be greeted at the airport in traditional style.
» Transportation to/from the airport with the guide explaining about the festival basant in lahore 2010.
» Cultural troupe to welcome the delegates upon arrival at the hotel.
» Welcome drinks (Lasi).
» Free dinner - Punjabi Food Festival in Kim’s - serving traditional array of food in Punjabi cultural ambiance.
» A tour to the walled city to witness night kite-flying and illuminated colorful, historical monuments and balconies.

Day 2Activities of basant mela

» Reception in the Lawns - The delegates will be decorated with yellow scarves and the ladies will be decorated with Gajras.
» Breakfast with traditional Punjabi food.
» Kite flying competition.
» Performance by Cultural troupe throughout the day.
» Free traditional lunch arrangements in the Lawns.
» Performance by famous folk singers.
» Dancing horses and jhumar dances.
» Stalls of kites, bangles, flowers, handicrafts etc.
» Tonga ride.
» Enjoy dinner in Food street - Punjabi Food Festival.
» Lahore by night - tour on Bugees.

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