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Garam chashma Chitral Pakiatan

Garam chashma


Garam Chashma pakistan

At the distance of almost 2 hours, is located the ancient valley of Injigan, nowadays Garam Chashma (natural hot water spring), and could be approached by a jeep, car etc.
Elevation: 1859 meters (6,100) feet). Distance:45 km, (28 miles) north-west of Chitral. By jeep: hours.

This un-spoilt enchanting valley of orchards, verdant fields and snow clad peaks is renowned for its boiling sulphur springs which are famous for healing effect on skin diseases, gout, rheumatism and chronic headaches. For the convenience of tourists “humans” (baths) have been constructed near the springs. Foreign tourists are requested to pay a toll tax of Rs.5.00 per person.

BIRMOGHALASHT(garam chashma pakistan)
Elevation: 2743 meters (9,000 feet). Distance: 15 km (9 miles). Worth visiting is the fairy-tale summer palace of the Ex-Ruler perched at a height of 2743 meters (9,000) feet. It offers awe-inspiring views of Trichmir and Panoramic vistas of valleys below. The fort is approachable on foot only.

WHAT TO DO(garam chashma pakistan)
Chitral is the dream-come true for lovers of mountaineering, trekking, hiking, camping, fishing and shooting. There are no facilities for hiring sports gear: tourist are advised to bring their own.

MOUNTAINEERING(garam chashma pakistan)
The majestic Hindu Kush reigns supreme over the valley. The highest peak is the famous Trichmir, which soars 7700 meters (25,264 feet) high, and is a challenge to mountaineers. There are a number of other exciting peaks too-Isltornal, Banizom, Saraghar, Naushaq, Ghocharsor, Phal, Daspar and Don rising from 6096 meters to 7315 meters (20,000 to 24,000 feet). Only experienced mountaineering. In order to avoid disappointment, foreign tourists are advised to apply well in advance for permission from the Ministry of Tourism, Government of Pakistan, Islamabaad.

FISHING(garam chashma pakistan)
The rivers in Chitral are teeming with fish, especially the Lotkuh River that is famous for trout. There are also trout hatcheries in Chitral and Bumburet.

Angling is allowed during the season only i.e from April to September.
Fishing permits are required, please contact the Fisheries Department.

FLORA and FAUNA(garam chashma pakistan)
The hills in the south are covered with pine, ‘deodar’ and fir forests, while the valleys are rich in mulberries, apricots, apples pears, grapes, pomegranates and melons. There are also Chinar and walnut trees in this area. Big game including the world renowned snow leopard (panthers) markhor, deer, ibex, urial, wolves, black bear and many more are found in the mountains, which are protected by the wildlife branch of the Forest Department. Among the famous birds are Chikor, ram Chikor and murgh Zarreen.

SHOOTING(garam chashma)
There is an abundance of wildlife. In order to curb extinction, limited shooting is allowed during the specified season. Shooting of world famous snow leopard (panther), Murgh Zarreen (golden peasant) and musk deer is banned. Chitral Gol (stream) has been declared a wild life sanctuary and therefore no shooting is allowed in the area. Permits for limited shooting are required, please contact: District Forest Officer, Chitral.

There are two modest hotels, namely Chitral Mountain Inn and Trichmir View Hotel and a PTDC Motel in Chitral. The average room rent ranges between Rs. 100-400. in Chitral, Dorsh , Gahiret, Ayun, Brire, Bumburet and Garam Chashma,(natural hot water spring)the rest-houses are furnished and equipped with crockery, cutlery and cooking facilities. Tourists are advised to carry their own supply of canned foods and other provisions. The ‘chowkidar’ (watchman) will do the cooking on payment. Visitors must also have there is no electricity except in Chitral and Dorsh. The remaining of the rest-houses are unfurnished and visitors must carry in addition to the above, their own sleeping bags or folding beds. To avoid disappointment it is advisable to reserve accommodation well in advanc

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