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Best airports in the world
Comfortable chairs (on which one can take a nap), cafes and restaurants, where food is sold at reasonable prices and not 4 times expensive as in any city restaurant, clean toilets with many booths, free wireless internet access….
Unfortunately such ideal conditions can be found not in all airports of the world. But some modern air terminal complexes are able to compete with hotels. made an inquiry among travelers and refreshed its traditional top 10 of the best airports of the world, where one can stay for a night. Changi Airport in Singapore is the leader for the 10th time. The other ones were arranged in alphabetical order.

Best airport in the world  

amsterdam the Netharland athens Greece
At this airport tired travelers are offered massageand SPA procedures
It is clean and large with internet access
auckland,newzealand Helsinki Finland
The enormous Auckland airport is smaller than other international air terminal complexes
Though the city is located in the outskirts of Europe
hong kong china kuala lumpur
The airport of Hong Kong tries to complete with the Singaporean one
It’s as big as other Asian airports
Oslo Norway Seoul incheon
It’s inhabitants are pleasant, neat and take care of environment
Incheon has become one of the best transit airports
Singapore changi Vancouver canada
One wants to stay at such an airport as it is much better
There are different opinions about this airport
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