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Asiana Airlines

First class
Asiana Airlines' brand-new premium service offers comfort and convenience unrivaled in the aviation world.
Your journey will become more relaxing, and the business will be executed faster and more efficiently. The overall intention of our service is to provide elegance to your travel.
Enjoy a comfortable and convenient service on the wing with Asiana Airlines.
Asiana Airlines offers a premium service that continues from the beginning of your journey to its end.
Traveling will become an indispensable part of our daily lives. The time and effort invested in making the air travel more enjoyable and comfortable are at the core of an airline's competitiveness.
Asiana Airlines offers the advanced sleeper seat, which can be folded by 180 degrees, to ensure a sleep experience for the greater comfort of the passenger. The passenger will enjoy all the comfort offered by the first-class hotel bed
In-flight Snack Service
In-flight snack
In order to spice up the in-flight dining experience, Asiana Airlines is cooperating with best nutritionists and renowned restaurants.
Asiana Airlines offers gourmet options with premium quality dishes prepared by the best chefs, including "Kyoto-Kaiseki," traditional Japanese dish, and diverse snack options.
Japanese traditional course meals were made into in-flight meals. Asiana Airlines serves "Kyoto-Kaiseki" on flights from Tokyo to Incheon to provide differentiated dining experiences with traditional cuisines of diverse regions.
Wine and beverage
Asiana's panel of wine consultants composed of top sommeliers and the Asiana customer group select the high-quality wines at the quality competition events.
Fresh and elegant, high-quality champagne, XO class cognac, fine whisky, dessert wines, and a variety of other wines and beverages are offered to round off the pleasure of a great meal.
In addition, the Asiana Tea Garden service, which offers environmentally friendly coffee (Rainforest Alliance), and selected teas, will satisfy the individual preferences of our customers.
Enviromentally-friendly coffee in association with Rainforest Alliance
Asiana Airlines cares about the global environment, even in a cup of coffee.
Asiana Airlines provides the beautiful coffee in every sense of the world, as certified by Rainforest Alliance. We only serve coffee cultivated using environmentally-friendly farming methods that forgo the use of agricultural chemicals and insecticides.
Enjoy the beauty of real coffee to the fullest with beautiful people of Asiana Airlines.
To ensure pleasant and convenient air travel, Asiana Airlines’ Sleeper first class provides a bed of down -filled Duvet and a casual pajama upon request, so that customer can experience all the comforts of home in the cabin.
In addition, a Bvlgari amenity kit is given to the long-distance travelers in association with Bvlgari for convenient of the customer. This top brand giveaway will also increase the pleasure of collection.
Furthermore, stationery and postcard are also offered, and simple medical supplies such as digestive pills and analgesics are also on hand at all times. Using the special service designed for Asiana Airlines customers, enjoy the most comfortable air travel in the sky.
Other services
Other services

AVOD Enjoy a large sized monitor, a selection of 30 movies, and a free AVOD system. Flying with Asiana Airlines will bring you unlimited pleasure.
Elect the movie, music, game and contents of your choice using the AVOD (Audio Video On Demand) system.
You can stop and resume playback at your discretion.
Your flight hours will seem shorter while you enjoy watching the video on a large 15 inch personal monitor.
Feel at rest in the sky with Asiana Airlines.
* Applicable aircraft type : All first class flights
Satellite phone You can make a call to anybody on the ground using a satellite phone.
A. Call charge: USD 1.33 ~ 2 per 10 seconds.
B. Applicable aircraft type: B747(HL7428, 7418), B777(HL7775, 7791)
* For more details on the usage method, refer to the OZ Entertainment magazine stored in the rack in the back of seat in front.
In-seat Power A 110V power supply is available for use with only laptop computers.
* Applicable aircraft type: All first class flights(Excluding HL7417)
SMS / E-mail You can send and receive the e-mail and SMS using the personal monitor and headset in the cabin.
1) Usage fee per time: 1.5 dollars
2) Payment method: Credit card
3) Supported language: Korean and English
4) Applicable aircraft type: B777 (HL7775, 7791)

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Air blue airlines in pakistan Firon History
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